Welcome to SS-IT SOLUTION. We started our journey from Delhi NCR. We are team of passionate service engineer who wants to revolutionize the mobile repairs industry by making your mobile repairs service process as smooth as your purchase of new mobile. We love to repair your phone right in front of you at your convenient time so that your data safety is not compromised and save your traveling time and cost. We believe in our service quality, so we also provide service warranty.Our team can repair your Headphone jack and other troubleshooting issues from the experienced technicians to fix your problem quickly. Our technicians are capable enough to fix your Mobile jack in a quick time.
In Today’s world mobiles have become a basic necessity and have also evolved drastically over time. So you should know how to take care of your mobile phone and be extra cautious while handling it. Otherwise, these smart gadgets may go berserk and force you to visit a mobile repairing centre near you.Our verified and certified mobile repair professionals will visit your place fully equipped with advanced diagnostics, instrumentation and repair tools for mobile phone repair as scheduled. He will diagnose the phone issue and repair it onsite in most cases. If the phone needs to be taken to the mobile repair centre, free pick and drop of the mobile phone are provided.

Moreover, as more and more brands are coming up with new phones and many new features are being introduced handling a mobile phone becomes challenging. The task of mobile repairing also becomes complicated, to add to the agony you have to go and visit a mobile repairing centre everytime you face some issue with your mobile phone. Thus spending a lot of your money, efforts and precious time to get your phone repaired.

Broken mobile display? No issue, SS-IT SOLUTION offers a wide range of Mobile phones and Tablet repairing services. We understand what it feels when the mobile screen is broken. We provide screen replacement service in no time and hassle. We conserve your Phone’s battery and also provide the new ones (if required). Battery is the soul of every Mobile phone and we are at Phone doctors give new life to your Phone in no time. We have the best parts only across the industry. We provide exceptional and fast turnaround hassle free service.

We offer free postage of all mobile phone & tablet repairs with Blanket Protection. It help you in Saving time and money.Our trained technicians will repair your mobile device, keeping you informed all the way. Choose the delivery method that matches your budget and requirements. We will make sure your repaired device is returned safely.

Don’t panic, Don’t scramble and Don’t go through longer queues. We value your time and we value the importance of your device. We breathe life back into your devices. We offer wide-range of device repair services to covering all the major brands.It is the secret resource on the planet. yes, we understand it and hence, Repair Ustaad offers hassle-free pickup, On-site services and expdedited delivery tailored to meet your needs.We place extreme importance in ensuring your device is handled with precision and care. We also offer extended warranty and protection to your devices. We adopt premium practices repair and deliveries and our skilled staff is committed to win your satisfaction.we know the importance of these devices in this hyper-connected living. We offer a range of expedited services to suit varied importance and needs of you. We offer quick-diagnosis, prioritized handling, On-site repair and faster return at an affordable pricing. Talk to us for your bespoke need and we shall address it.